What is Phone tracker and how it works?

What is Phone tracker and how it works?


Introduction: – What is a phone tracker? The phone tracker is a tool that lets you to track the location of another smart phone or your lost phone. This tool is used for various reasons both professionally and personally. You can follow the movements of your children, your friends or any suspicious person you are worried on. May be the word tracking sounds a bit complicated but in reality, it is not. It’s all about master technology and science that allows you to find any phone’s movement. You will need a good phone tracking software compatible to the target phone and you are done. This software only does all the hard tasks for you. You will get to know what types of activities are being sent from that phone. You can track text messages, email, incoming and outgoing call information, GPS locations and many more. Moreover, the sending of these information is done real time that means, when the user of tracked phone initiated any communication, it will be sent automatically to you. Phone tracker can also find your lost phone as well. No need to worry about losing personal data or important official documents now. Thanks to the cell phone tracker.

What is Phone tracker and how it works?


When to use: – You can use the phone tracker or cell phone tracker to solve different kind of problems. You will be benefitted truly and free from bothersome headache. The situations you can deal with using phone tracker are as follows:-

  • You are a parent and cannot enjoy a sound sleep at night because your teenage children are outside home. They are busy with their parties, school/ college trips, little hangouts with friends and all. The use of cell phone tracker can be the saviour for you. You don’t have to worry from home, you will get to know how your children are moving. This is actually ideal for parents of a teenager. May be it sounds a bit cruel type action for the children, but as a parent you will be happy to know that your kids are safe absolutely.
  • You have parents suffering from some memory losing diseases like Alzheimer. Or you have aged relatives in your family who cannot recall their route or positions after reaching a certain place. The cell phone tracker is really going to be your best buddy in this case. By tracking their positions, you can bring back to home your loving parents or relatives. This also saves their life from any kind of unwanted mishaps by informing you every step of them.
  • Unfortunately, you have doubt on your spouse. You are worried that he/she is cheating you. You can track his/ her every activity done from the phone using cellphone tracker. Phone calls, emails, photos, videos etc from the tracked phone will be under your supervision. You can check your spouse’s wrong activities by treating in your suitable and healthy way.
  • You have doubt on any employee of your office. He/she may pass the important secrets or documents of your company to rival ones and harm your business reputation to a great extent. Being a boss, you can definitely use the Cell phone tracker to track that particular’s phone to save you from these kinds of bad activities.
  • You have lost your phone anyhow. GPS phone tracker is the solution here. Find your phone through this wonderful technology without losing any important data on your phone. You can always protect your information from unwanted and bad eyes through this system as well. GPS phone tracker can inform you the current position of your phone and make it easy to find. This is really a great help for big corporate figures or businessmen.

What to do at first: – It’s really simple. You have to install the software on the phone you are going to track. Then log in to your online account. Now check the phone activities. You can definitely customize your settings such as which activities you want to track or how often you want to receive the logs from the target phone. Installing a phone tracker will hardly take about 5 minutes. It’s as simple as that. Certainly you will have more facilities with the software option. With a small physical GPS chip, you will get fewer options than a software one. You don’t need to access the target phone always, but for android phones, physical access is a must thing. And for tracking iphones, there is no need to access the target phone physically.

What can spy software do?

Have a look to know how these spy software can help you. Latest spy software may help you like ->

  • You can monitor all text messages like Email or SMS.
  • Keep track of online chats done in Skype, snapchat, whatsApp, etc.
  • You can track GPS locations of the target phone in real time.
  • Check all types of transferred media like photos, videos etc.
  • You can monitor Browser history and internet activities.
  • Control or block the phone remotely.
  • You can even monitor activities on social media networking of the target user.

This is not the end of the list. Good spy software always keeps on upgrading themselves. You will surely have more and more features to ensure the utmost benefit.

How it works :-To work properly , you need to install the software on the target devices as explained before. Techniques behind different software may vary from each other. Although they do almost the same job, their techniques of collecting information and monitoring may vary from one application to another. After being installed, the spy software starts to send required information to the server of the company from which you are accessing the target phone by logging in to your account.

A great technology behind tracking is GPS phone tracker. This awesome technology adds an extra smoothness for finding or tracking mobile phones. Though the process sounds a bit complicated how the mobile number tracker works, it is not that much complicated for developers. Here is the scenario in brief.

All mobile phones or cell phones broadcast a radio signal constantly. Even if you are calling someone, your mobile phone does not forget to broadcast the radio signal. The mobile phone companies were able to identify the current location of the particular cell phone using triangulation information from the towers that receives the signal. Now, phone number tracker system has made this system much more accurate than before. The Global positioning system or GPS made the tracking process perfect as well. The location of any smartphone having enabled GPS, can be tracked accurately at any time. This GPS technology is really a useful feature for worried parents, Business owners and co-workers. This can be used to track one another almost in no time. The technology used here depends on measuring the power levels and antenna patterns. Concept is that a mobile phone tries to communicate wirelessly with the nearest base station always. So it is clear that if you get to know about base station from which the tracked phone is communicating, you can be sure that the tracked phone is close to that base station. Advanced GPS system can identify the location where the target mobile phone belongs to. And also estimate the distance of that mobile phone from base station. Urban areas are loaded with high antenna towers and have a large no of antennas. So the tracking system is easier in the urban areas than the rural ones as the no of antennas are relatively low there. A strong and useful mechanism like this is enough to solve your personal and professional problems related to tracking mobile phones and suspicious characters.

What do you need: – The target phone should be compatible with the app. The operating system of the phone should be compatible with the app or software. Check thoroughly to be ensured that the particular app is working fine on the OS of your mobile phone as well. Otherwise it is of no use for sure. May be the device is windows phone OS, Android, ios, Symbian OS or blackberry OS, the spy software have to compatible with your device’s OS. The internet connection. Yes it is very important. Keep in mind that the target phone should access the internet always. Using the internet connection, the app send all the gathered information to the server which is you.

Some special features may be required for some mobile phones. Actually you don’t need any special features to support the spy app in terms of hardware requirement. Because The app and the internet connection can do all the tasks related tracking. But if you are going to use a hardware based tracker, then you should consider the hardware aspect as they use chips for tracking and does not have any software application. When it comes to software requirements, your mobile phone may need something to run the app smoothly. For example, you need ‘jailbreaking’ system for ios devices such as ipads or iphones. This jailbreaking process can help with the third-party app installation. Generally you cannot install any application which are not certified or verified by Apple, in your device. You can install apps from third party app developers by jailbreaking it. As a result, you can install the spying software you need. And for Androids you can opt for ‘Rooting’. This allows to gain administrative access on any Android device and you can make unlimited changes according to your needs to the Android OS. Though ‘Rooting’ is not compulsory, you can try on your wish.

Is it Legal: – Well, this is a bit controversial matter. Obviously if you look from a gentleman’s aspect, tracking somebody’s mobile phone is generally illegal. And the tracking and spying process is not beyond rules. Tracking others phone is considered to be legal when you have notified the person before monitoring his/her device. You have minor kids and you have the right to access their phones or belongings. As parents of minor children you can track their mobile phone and check their activities for their ultimate safety. You can tell your employees that you are going to monitor their phone and activities related to their mobile devices. Apart from all these, if you are the official owner of the device or you have legal permission to monitor someone’s phone activities, then you are playing safe.

Identify the scam: – Try to diagnose the software to know if it is scam or not. You are using a scammed software if it requires only one phone number to start tracking on the mobile phones. If the software accepts payment from a certain channel only, there is a high chance that it is a scam. Cheap product is not good always, especially for these types of software application. Don’t go for the cheap one to prevent scam. Try to avoid these things to be ensured that you are using a quality product and paying bucks for a right job.

Conclusion: – To be summarized, it’s completely up to you how you are going to use the cell phone tracker or mobile tracker tools. You can use it as per your needs, both personally and professionally. But be safe and know the government’s rule on these types of action so that you can stay away from any kind of illegal issues. Always check the compatibility of spying software with your phone as well as target phones. Check if it is capable to meet all of your needs. Though maximum software available in market can serve you well, but it is a good practice to check before buying. Choose the one that can solve all of your problems. Buy the software you can afford. The price may vary due to factors such as monitoring duration, level of details and number of tracked phones. Choose the right one by judging well. Don’t rely on customer reviews only as everyone’s aspect is different from others.